About Entering the Forest

Entering the Forest is the symbolic landscape for multidimensional living. In the Forest we encounter much that third dimensional living denies. Each experience is entirely subjective; there is no right or wrong path or journey, only that which you decide. The Forest provides the portal for meeting the energies and beings to guide us towards the next step on our ascension journey. Whether this guidance comes in the form of a Deva, an energy, an aspect of Self or an Ascended Master the experience is one that promotes peace, insight and well-being.

The Forest provides the inter dimensional location necessary for us to meet and retrieve those aspects and attributes of ourselves long forgotten, hurt or denied. It offers us the opportunity to meet these aspects of the Self and access the deep inner wisdom, where all is known and understood. It is also here that we can travel inter-dimensionally with the help of the Beings of the Forest. Whether  you wish to understand or heal a particular issue or work with a particular Ascended Master or Cosmic Ray all you need to do is set your intention and maintain your focus throughout the process. Make your call in the trust and knowledge that every request is heard and answered. Then open your heart and mind to receive the guidance and blessings that follow.

This is a place of earth magic and soul wisdom. No two journeys are ever the same and the same path does not always bring you to the same place. Where once stood a tree sometimes stands a cave or perhaps a door, slightly ajar, waiting for you to step through. In the Forest live the mythical beings of third dimensional fantasy, such as the unicorns, pegasus, living talking trees and animals, conscious crystals, faeries and even, if you are very lucky, elves. The trees of this Forest are sentinel beings and guard their Forest diligently. However, when you arrive with no harmful intent and an open heart, you are the long awaited guest and friend.

All you will need to enjoy this experience is your imagination and your intention. If you wish to sample this experience follow the link provided to enjoy a journey in the Forest and see where your path leads.

URL:  http://youtu.be/iUToDKY5r2U

If you would like more information regarding our workshops, healings and meditations please continue browsing through our website or contact us directly using the contact form below.

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