The following is a list of spiritual texts that both inform and enhance the meditations on this website. It is not comprehensive and will be added to over time. If there is any material that you believe is missing and requires a place on this list please contact us using the contact form on the home page. We look forward to hearing from you and sharing your suggestions.

Bailey, Alice (1944) Discipleship in the New Age, Vol 1 and II. Lucis Trust. For selection of books online go to

Brennan, Barbara Ann (1988) Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing through the Human Energy Field. New York: Bantam Books.

Cameron, Julia (1995) The Artist’s Way: A Course in Discovering and Recovering your Creative Self. London: Pan Books.

De Mello, Anthony (2002) Awareness. Michigan: Zondervan.

Grattan, Brian (1994) Mahatma I & II: The I AM Presence. Sedona, AZ: Light Technology Publishing.

Hay, Louise (2011) The Power is Within You. London: Hay House UK Ltd.

Hurtak, J.J. (1996) The Keys of Enoch: The Book of Knowledge. Academy for Future Science.

Myss, Caroline (1998) Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can. London: Bantam Books.

Roberts, Jane (2012) Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul. San Rafael, CA: Amber Allen Publishing.

Roman, Sanaya (1986) Personal Power through Awareness. Tiburon, California: H J Kramer.

Schucman, H. & Thetford, W. (1999) A Course in Miracles. New York: Penguin.

Stone, Joshua ((1994) The Complete Ascension Manual: How to Achieve Ascension in this Lifetime. Flagstaff, AZ: Light Technology Publishing.

The Bhagavad Gita (multiple choices of publication and translation)



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