An essential element of multi-dimensional living and consciousness raising is the personal healing journey. In essence as we heal we move closer to home; our consciousness expands and we remember the powerful beings that we are. The Forest provides the space for deeply transformative healing and meditation; all energy blessings and attunements received are profound and uplifting.. This interdimensional space allows the Devic Kingdom to provide the opportunity to transform, heal and expand our consciousness in a gentle and safe environment.

This is a time of transformation; it is the time to come forward and acknowledge that we are not alone. We have unlimited access to a multitude of Ascended Masters, Archangels and beings of light to assist us on our journey. However, they need our permission to work with us and patiently await our call and our willingness to serve. This is the essence of meditation; we consciously work with the Spirit to raise our light quotients (the amount of light or spiritualised matter we are carrying within our bodies), increase our connection to Spirit and align ourselves with Soul Service in whatever form this may take.

Healing within the Forest provides the opportunity for the individual to relax, release and recharge in a sacred space and under Soul guidance. Each session offered is tailored to the needs of the individual. We are spiritual beings having physical experiences and as such a time to care for the spirit within is paramount to health and well-being. As energy beings we can benefit enormously from the energy alignment of spiritual healing, the clearing of multiple patterns of fear accumulated throughout lifetimes plus the integration, cleansing and balancing of the 4 bodies and chakra grid system. The healing process allows for the Soul to shine ever forth as we cleanse and refine the vehicles and reach ever upwards while maintaining our practical focus in daily life. In this way we deepen our connections to Spirit, expand our consciousness and our potential field of Soul Service.

Each session lasts approximately 1 hour to an hour and 30 minutes. The healing received begins 48 hours prior to the scheduled booking. As such, 48 hours beforehand the individual receives a distant healing to allow the bodily system time to gently begin the releases necessary plus prepare the individual for the healing session. This healing is particularly potent on the two nights before the healing and allows for deep subconscious processing and energy alignment. Often healing sessions focus on the removal of surface fears and patterns which are merely the symptom of deeper underlying issues. The 48 hours of healing prior to the healing session prepares the individual for a healing that is deep and transformative and flows more easily to the source of the current issues.

Each healing session is deeply personal and offers a space for the personality to make deeper and lasting contact with the Soul and follow Soul guidance. All sessions take place through the invocation of angelic guidance and the blessing and healing of the Masters.

Healing sessions are available in many forms. All life is connected and as such healing can take place in person or at a distance. We do not need to be physically present to spiritually connect. All that is required is the openness to connect and the willingness to receive. Indeed the benefit of distance healing is that it bypasses the personality resistance and the analysing of the conscious mind. In essence, it can slip silently past the guards and requires only Soul agreement. Distant healing can be received in meditation or can be received entirely unconsciously and is a wonderful Soul gift to those whose personalities may yet deny the benefits of spiritual healing. Each session includes feedback on any particular area of interest or concern plus any guidance received.

Healing and meditation sessions are also available by phone. Personal sessions currently take place in Co. Meath, Ireland.

Distance healing                       €50

Phone meditation/healing        €50

Personal healing                           €60


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