Meditations & Workshops

Below is a general list of upcoming meditations and workshops. All run at regular intervals throughout the year. If you have queries about any of the information below or would like more information please contact us using the contact form on the home page or by email at In addition, if you already have a group and would like to make a group booking for any of the courses or workshops listed below or have a particular topic that interests you please contact us. We attempt to reply to all queries as quickly as possible but please note that numbers on each course and workshop are limited. Where possible you can be placed on a waiting list.

Upcoming Workshops & Meditations:

The Easter Festival (Good Friday, 14th April, 11am-5pm): 

  • Festival of Easter (Good Friday, 14th April, 11am-5pm): The Easter Festival is one of three major spiritual festivals celebrated each year and celebrates the risen, living Christ and the Head of the Spiritual Hierarchy, the Lord Maitreya. The forces of restoration are particularly powerful at this time of year and there are three keynotes; Love, Resurrection and Contact. This energy stimulates mass intelligence and cultivates a spiritual perspective on life. The object of this festival is heaven on Earth.

This day workshop will include a 50 point Cosmic cleanse focusing on Core Fear & Pattern Removal, Astral Clearing & Implant Removal, Core Love Infusion, Light Quotient Building, Deep Personal Healing and Healing for Mother Earth. We will conclude the day with the Festival of the Christ Meditation.

The Details: Good Friday 14th April, 11am – 5pm

Fee: €80 (concession rate of €50 available)

  • Location: Oscailt Integrative Health Centre, 8 Pembroke Rd, Dublin 4.

If travelling by Rail: The nearest DART rail station is Lansdowne Road. For timetable information, check out

If travelling by Bus: Pembroke Road is serviced by the following Dublin Bus Routes – 18, 4, 4a, 5, 7, 7a. For further details, check out

If travelling by Car: There is on street parking available on Pembroke Rd, alternatively there are car parks nearby at Ballsbridge, including Ballsbridge Hotel.

Workshops: Please find below a short list of just some of the workshops available throughout the year at enteringtheforest. If you would like any further information regarding dates etc please use the contact form on the home page.

  • A Day with the Goddess: This is an opportunity to spend an entire day within the sacred Goddess energy. This is the energy of the Divine Feminine and is present and accessible for all, whether male or female. This wonderful energy is all embracing, uplifting and deeply healing. It has been described throughout the ages by many names and found expression through some whom we know as Isis, Quan Yin, Lakshmi, Our Lady or Venus, to name but a few.  Whatever the name, the energy is the expression of the Divine Feminine and the feminine aspect of the One. On this day we will work to consciously deepen this relationship and allow this transformative energy to both fill us as individuals and express itself through us to those we encounter. This is an energy of expansion that allows us to attune to an energetic vibration that assists us in raising both our Light Quotients and Love Quotients. The Divine Feminine provides the practical assistance and impetus we require in order to live in open-heartedness. For further details please see Ascension page.
  • Meet the Parents: The Art of Spiritual Dialogue: This is a very deep and powerful 1 day workshop where we meet and nurture the relationship with our wise inner parents. Through the art of inner dialogue we learn to access the inner wisdom and guidance of these 2 powerful spiritual allies, the Mother and Father, to aid us in living our lives from a centre of wisdom and inner strength. These wonderful soul relationships serve to reflect higher level energies and connections and also mirror to us our highest potential and soul mission. During this workshop we will meet these wise inner parents and remember the nourishing guidance and wisdom that lies within each of us on our journey home. These wonderful aspects are essential guides on the Soul’s path and not only nourish and support you but also your inner child, the source of all creativity. This is a particularly powerful course for all who are seeking their Soul’s path, increased clarity or higher guidance. If you would like any further information please use the contact form below.
  • Multi Dimensional Living: Creating Opportunities: We are often reminded that we are multi dimensional beings having a physical experience, however, although we may recognise this as a truth we may still have a limited understanding of the dimensions and their relevance in our lives. Similarly, hectic daily lives often leave little time for this exploration. This workshop is a wonderful opportunity to spend a day exploring the dimensions and learning to connect more fully with them in order to create the lives we truly desire and recognise our Soul’s purpose. Dimensions are a framework for opportunity; they are a divine support system which allow consciousness to expand and explore its potential. As such, an understanding of dimensions is of great benefit to the spiritual seeker who seeks to grow, expand and serve. Through the use of dimensional knowledge we can speed up the opportunities we require to realise more fully our soul’s purpose and connect more fully to the divine blueprint of both our individual lives and the greater plan. The object of this day is a deeper connection with dimensional understanding and the practical tools to promote growth and expansion.
  • Core Fear/Pattern Removal & Core Love: In this 1 day workshop you will learn to work with the Masters to cleanse the 4 body system of all negative patterning and fear using ascension techniques and tools. Negative patterning and fear based programming are the main cause for humanity’s pain and untapped ability. If you wish to fulfill your potential and realise your authentic self then pattern removal is an essential part of the ascension journey. The energy of core love will replace all that has been removed leaving you crystal clear and equipped with the tools to remain so. Pattern and core fear removal is an essential requirement of the ascension path and this regular workshop allows for the work to be done in a group setting, thereby increasing its potency.
  •  The 12 Rays, the Mahatma & Spiritual Growth: In this workshop we explore the energy of the 7 rays, the 5 higher rays, their function and quality of energy through guided meditation. We learn to consciously work with the 12 rays through invocation and visualisation to live in increased alignment with the Soul and I Am Presence. In addition to the 12 rays we will explore the Mahatma, the Avatar of Synthesis, and the central role the Mahatma plays on the ascension journey. This is both an informative and energetically powerful workshop with a focus on the science of the rays for spiritual growth and personal use.
  • The Chakras, the 4 Body System and the 4th Dimension:  This is a 1 day workshop focused on working consciously with the chakra and 4 body system on the ascension journey, with the support of the Archangels, healing angels, the Mahatma and the Ascended Masters – all have an important role to play on this day’s work of clearing the chakras and invoking our higher chakra grid. We will explore the chakra system of the third, fourth and fifth dimension up to the 22nd chakra and consciously invoke and anchor the fourth dimensional chakra grid into our 4 body system under the guidance of the Archangels and Ascended Masters. Vywamus will be our guide in assisting our 4 body system to experience the wonderful flow of the 4th dimension and the Mahatma will allow us to integrate these energies into our bodies.
  • The Law of Attraction: Meet your Soulmate  Whether you want to attract a Soulmate, a friend, prosperity, health or the right work the law of attraction is essential. Spirit and the Devas can only bring us that which we have energised within our beings. In order to allow ourselves to achieve our highest good and receive all that we desire and require from the Universe we must travel to these highest levels. Within the 5th dimension we can commune closely with our Souls and through our Souls we can attract the right relationships and conditions we desire in the physical. In the fourth dimension we can work with the wonderful Devas to energise these relationships or conditions. We place our ‘spiritual orders’ in the 5th dimension and activate them in the 4th. During this day we will work closely with our Souls, the Masters and Lady Masters and the Devic Kingdom.

Ascension Course: – Developing an Ascension Practice: This course provides the foundation for developing an Ascension meditation practice that will in no way interfere or compromise already existing spiritual routines. It is an intensive 2 day course that involves the development of a daily Ascension practice.  The intention is  for each participant to develop an informed Ascension practice of their own to incorporate into and enhance daily spiritual practice. These are powerful tools offered through Vywamus and Djwhal Khul that practiced regularly yield extraordinary results. All Ascension activations are under the guidance of the Soul, the I Am and the Spiritual Hierarchy. Upon completion of this course each participant will have a workbook to guide and inform their daily Ascension practice. Please use contact form for further details.

Know Thyself – An Ascension Course: (3 sessions) Upon entering the ancient temple at Delphi the visitor was greeted with the term Know Thyself. In contrast to the modern search for knowledge beyond the self the ancients knew the true nature of the power that lies within. Self knowledge is the highest form of knowledge and surpasses anything the external world can offer. Ancient wisdom teachings highlight the wealth of power that lies within this knowledge, waiting only for that inward search and authentic longing. This course offers the seeker the opportunity to cultivate and nurture this inner knowing through meditation, visualisation and techniques of spiritual dialogue and integration. This is a three session course that includes 2 evenings and a 1 day workshop in the month of January. Under the guidance of the Soul, the Masters and the Violet Flame we will practice the art of spiritual dialogue to engage with the chakra grid system, the 4 bodies and other aspects of Self. This course will allow you to develop the practical techniques to uncover and release old limitations and patterns that prevent you from manifesting your right life. This process is one which can be used time and again to align and integrate the multiple levels of the being in perfect harmony.


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