The Devas

The devas are often called the builders as it is their magical creative energy that underpins all that we see in the physical. The term deva is more frequently referred to as the Angelic Kingdom and is considered to be far removed from daily living. However, the devic and angelic energy is the substance within which we live and move. The Devic Kingdom evolves parallel to human evolution and relates to consciousness in such a way that provides substance, form and appearance. As such, it is the Devic or Angelic Kingdom who build each of the vehicles that provide the form for the expression of all consciousness whether mineral, vegetable or human. According to the Ancient Wisdom teachings devas are the builders and creators of form and incarnate as a group consciousness.

The term deva encompasses a wide spectrum of beings. Pan, the Great Deva of Healing, is the great being who oversees the nature kingdom and its construction by the many devas under his management. A powerful being, Pan appears as tall and regal but not necessarily human.

As with humans, the devas also vary in size, appearance and ability. The smaller devas work in groups to build all that we see in form; even our bodies are constructed by the devas. These builder devas follow a blueprint and are not responsible for our health or its lack. They primarily create in the higher dimensions where energy is fluid. As such the fifth dimension is a wonderful creative space in which to contact and work consciously with the devas. At this level one can access the Healing Temple of the Devas and enjoy the results of consciously creating with the devic kingdom. More advanced devas serve as healers in these temples or supervise large groups of builder devas. The larger devas, those who have expanded their levels of consciousness, can encompass entire cities or forest areas. These then act as guardians. Until now human beings have mostly been restricted to the third dimension. As we become more fluid in our use of dimensions and open our sight to the fourth dimension we shall increase our interactions with these wonderful beings.

We can all access the devic kingdom at any time. All that is required is a state of emotional coherence. This is achieved primarily though the frequency of love or gratitude/appreciation. It is the vibration of the individual which attracts the devas and the state of gratitude can help us to open our hearts to the state of love. A particularly powerful place to commune with the devic kingdom is in nature, either a park or even beside a tree. Merely close your eyes and cultivate a coherent emotional state. After a few minutes clearly state your intention to connect with the devas and open your mind. This is similar to a meditative state except this focuses on the listening stage; merely wait patiently to see what impressions you receive. Initially this can be very subtle so have patience and trust in the process. Your intention to connect will attract the devas to you. Remember that not all devas use language to communicate and so a clear emotional state is a basic requirement for the nature spirits.

As Pan is the Deva of Healing he can be called upon at any time for support and assistance. The builder devas create through the etheric level of the fourth and fifth dimension. The next time you feel under the weather or would like a boost in energy inwardly invoke the assistance of Pan and the Devas. In meditation you can ask to travel to the Temple of the Devas on the inner planes and really enjoy the full experience of a devic healing. There are so many wonderful healers and multidimensional assistance is merely a call away. Always request healing through the Soul’s wisdom and you will be in perfectly safe hands. Enjoy and devic blessings!!!


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