An Introduction to Ascension Evening: Sunday, June 15th

Greetings Everyone,

Due to the amount of inquiries about Ascension meditation I have decided to hold an introductory evening on Sunday, June 15th, 5.30-7pm. This evening will be held in Oscailt Mews, 8 Pembroke Rd, D4 and a fee of 5e donation applies. This hour and a half will offer an introduction to this meditation practice, to include a brief discussion on the topic of Ascension, spiritual growth and the Soul’s guidance. We shall also experience an Ascension meditation within the group focusing on increased Light and Love.

Ascension meditation can at first appear quite confusing as the name has certain religious connotations. As a result the enormous benefits of this experience are often missed, benefits such as:

  • increased clarity and discernment
  • the ability to calm the race mind consciousness and access higher guidance and intuition
  • increased ability to access and maintain ever higher frequencies of light
  • healing of the 4 body system, physical, etheric, emotional and mental
  • an intimate relationship with the Soul & personal guidance
  • a present time focus and release of the past, in its many forms and levels
  • the increased ability to identify and manifest right work and right relationships in life
  • to live a more Soulful life

It is important to emphasise that this practice serves to compliment and strengthen existing spiritual practices and can easily be incorporated into daily meditation practice, whether this be mindfulness, TM, yoga and all forms of healing.

This introductory evening offers a wonderful opportunity to explore an area of energy meditation and healing that can expand already existing practices. I hope that you will join me to begin a new and exciting journey together and deepen our connections with Soul & Spirit. Please feel free to share this wonderful opportunity with friends.

And finally, if you wish to join us please contact me to book your place as numbers are restricted due to room size.

I look forward to sharing this evening with you,

Love and Light,


Dr. Suzanne Nolan (EdD, MA, H.Dip, BA)



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