DK on Experience & Truth

It is perhaps wise to remember here that, as a general rule, no one believes what others may tell him “no matter how apparent the truth or how much the person may protest that he accepts that truth. Only those truths which are wrought out individually in the crucible of experience really penetrate into the living consciousness and bear fruit. But in this group effort which we are undertaking, the fact that all in the group are made aware of what is said to the individual may prove most useful and produce much more rapid adjustments than could otherwise be the case” provided that, unitedly and in love, they will then help their fellow disciple to change the undesirable condition. I count on one thing only, my brothers, and that is your deep sincerity. It is not a negative thing (as some claim) to point out a fault or error. As the clear light of the soul pours in, it reveals the personality for what it is. If true dispassion is practised, this group of disciples can see things as they are and remain untouched by the revelation of the desirable or the undesirable qualities. If you are depressed or irritated or hurt by such revelation, it indicates a basic lack of dispassion and proves attachment to the personality and to the opinions of others.

From: Bailey, Alice (1944) Discipleship in the New Age, Vol 1, (p. 11). Lucis Trust.



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