Vywamus on the Mahatma

Vywamus: “The Mahatma is a direct link to a greater state of awareness, and some of you , at first, may not see the difference between this and your Higher Self or connecting with the creator, with God. but I will say that it is more specific – more specifically attuned to what can be gained by your journey here on the Earth. It’s the difference between calling a consulting firm and saying, “I am connected with you” and having them do the work for you without your direct involvement.

Now, you have that connection, that link. You can reactivate it any time; you can call back. And if you are confused about what specifically you want, then the Mahatma energy is for you. It will search out what is needed within your subconscious mind before you even know that you need it consciously. It will begin to bring you the means to understand that next step. That is what is so important, so different about it.

Your soul certainly helps you in this regard. If you prefer the term Higher Self, it helps you in this regard also. But there is a group response from the Mahatma energy – a representation from each of the 352 levels from the Source of this Cosmic Day to the Earth level – which your Soul, in it’s connection with you physically, can’t yet bring to you on the physical plane.The Soul level is, of course, a part of that group expression on every level, but it is necessary to see that often Souls ask for help, and this is what has occurred. The Mahatma energy – the I AM Presence – was introduced to us because enough Earth Souls evoked that contact. It is a direct result of the Soul-level input.”

From: Grattan, Brian (1994) Mahatma I and II: The I AM Presence, p.18. Sedona, AZ: Light Technology Publishing.



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