DK on Freedom of the Soul

I promise no quick results. I undertake to provide no spectacular unfoldments. The results rest entirely with you. They depend upon your patience, your exactness in detail, the discipline which you are willing to impose upon your lives and your self-forgetfulness. May I beg of you to leave results alone and to work without attachment for you know not with exactitude what are my goals for you; may I beg you to desist from that constant self-analysis which is such an outstanding characteristic of the introspective, yet ambitious Occidental mystic…. What, therefore, is the position I take? That I, one of a great group of disciples “from the humblest aspirant up to the highest Member of the Hierarchy link humanity with the spiritual kingdom”can teach you the ancient rules and give suggestions to you so that you may travel more rapidly along the Path and arrive at greater usefulness to your fellowmen. There is not the slightest suggestion of authoritative pronouncement by a member of the Hierarchy who must be obeyed and whose word is infallible. Let this be remembered, otherwise work will not be possible, elements of danger may enter in and the present effort come to naught. My anonymity has always been preserved and will continue to be so though members of this group of disciples know me for who I am. You know me as a teacher, as a Tibetan disciple and as an initiate of a certain degree”what degree being of no importance to you at all. It is the teaching that I shall give you which will matter. I am an initiate into the mysteries of being. That statement in itself conveys information to those who know. You know also that I am in a human body, and am a resident of northern India. Let that suffice and let not curiosity blind you to the teaching.

We stand together in spiritual enterprise. All of you have voluntarily and without pressure stated your willingness to go forward into a more intensive spiritual life. This you must do in the freedom of your own souls and through the power of your own intellects. You will follow such instructions as seem to you reasonable and right but “when you do choose to follow them”you will attempt to fulfill the requirements with exactitude. You will analyse and question the requirements which from time to time come from me and you will accept no belief in their verbal inspiration. Language ever handicaps and limits. You will also be guided in your work by health and circumstance, and you will ever remember that Masters are made through the achieving of mastery and not through obedience to any person. You will bear in mind that I, your teacher, am not constantly aware of your physical condition or daily doings. I concern not myself with the affairs of the personality and those misguided aspirants who claim that the Masters are forever telling them what to do and are guiding them in their personal affairs are still far from the grade of accepted discipleship. You will remember that the light will shine into a mind that is self-controlled and free from the mental dominance of another mind. With these provisos clearly understood, let us pass on to the enunciation of certain principles and to a consideration of what it may be possible to do.

From: Bailey, Alice (1944) Discipleship in the New Age, Vol 1, (pp. 7-8). Lucis Trust.




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