DK on the Group Focus

DK: “First: Let it be constantly remembered that the new discipleship is primarily an experiment in group work and that its main objective is not the perfecting of the individual disciple in the group. I regard this statement as basic and essential. The individuals are intended to supplement each other and complement each other and in the aggregate of their qualities should eventually provide a group capable of useful, spiritual expression and one through which spiritual energy can flow for the helping of humanity. The work to be done is on the mental plane. The spheres of service of individual disciples remain the same as before but to their differing fields of individual endeavour there will be added a group activity and life which will become more clear as time elapses. The first objective is, therefore, to weld and unify the group so that each person in it can work in close mental rapport and spiritual cooperation with the others. This inevitably takes time and the success of this new effort on the part of the Hierarchy will depend upon a non-critical attitude and the outpouring of a spirit of love on the part of each member of the group. This will be fairly easy for some disciples to achieve but very difficult for others….

Every disciple has to learn to subordinate his own ideas of personal growth to the group requirements, for—in order to have a coordinated group, functioning as a serviceable unit—some disciples will have to hasten their progress in certain directions and others will have to slow down theirs temporarily to the pace of the majority. This will happen automatically, if the group identity is the dominant factor in the thoughts of each disciple, and desire for personal growth and for spiritual satisfaction is relegated to a secondary place. The groups within each Ashram are intended to work together eventually just as the various departments of some great organisation work together effectively as a unit. They must function smoothly and intelligently.” 

From: Bailey, Alice (1944) Discipleship in the New Age,Vol 1, pp.7-10. Lucis Trust.






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