DK on Discipleship

“Progress is … made in spite of, and not because of, existing conditions. For disciples, such as those I am now going to attempt to teach, there is no retiring from the world. There is no condition of physical peace and of quiet wherein the soul may be invoked and in which work—potent in results—may be achieved in the calm of silence and the rest of what the Hindu calls samadhi—complete detachment from the calls of the body and the emotions. The work has to go forward in clamour. The point of peace must be found in the midst of riot. Wisdom must be attained in the very midst of intellectual turmoil and the work of cooperation with the Hierarchy on the inner side of life must proceed amidst the devastating racket of modern life in the great cities. Such is your problem and such is my problem as I seek to aid you”. 

From: Bailey, Alice (1944) Discipleship in the New Age, Vol 1, p.5. Lucis Trust.







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